Where did the dxContent Dungeon tile store go?
For the near-term, we've stopped producing our 3D Dungeon Tiles. It was a lot of manual work and more time than I could spare in recent months. While the store is now closed, it is not necessarily 'the end' of the concept. I'm (slowly) investigating future, less-labor intensive options for what was and is a successful and well received line of products.
Thank you loyal customers!
I very much appreciate each and every one of you who purchased dxContent 3D Dungeon Tiles over the years. I lost count of how many tiles I cast, painted, packed and shipped - it felt like a ton! But, I do appreciate every order - many of you even helped shape the tiles over the years with suggestions and new ideas. All of that was appreciated! If and when we begin offering products again, you will be the first to know about it. Until then, thank you and fare thee well.